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In the third quarter of calendar year 2005 the Department of Taxation began tracking quarterly taxable sales using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) business categories rather than Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) categories. Consequently, data from the two time periods are not fully compatible for purposes of comparison. Taxable sales reported on this page can be compared from 1995 through the second quarter of 2005 (the quarters using the SIC categories) or from the third quarter of 2005 through the current quarter (quarters using the NAICS categories), but comparing data from between the two periods will carry misleading results.

Annual Time Series:
Download Annual taxable sales, 1984-2017

Download 3-23-16 Taxable sales by quarter, localities, 1989-2017 (4th qtr.)


Business Classification Codes
File that explains the numerical codes assigned to each business category. The SIC version is available here in pdf format. for the NAICS format consult the census bureau's website.

Taxable Sales Introduction
See the introduction and explanation of the report by the Tax Department

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