What Is the Center For Economic Policy Studies?

The Center For Economic Policy Studies is dedicated to applying economic analysis to the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy and to providing a better understanding of local and regional economies. We aim to help inform leaders on the facts of our local and regional economies so that they can make more informed decisions. Our services include policy analysis, applied research, economic forecasting, regional economic studies. To find out more reach out to us today. Our dedicated team will help find suitable solutions backed up by real data for your economic policy problems. 

Economic Data and Forecasting

We gather, analyze, and provide access to a wide variety of data. Using online tools we generate new data and gather existing data.

Policy Analysis

Policy analysis contributes to efficient and effective government just as good engineering contributes to better appliances and automobiles.

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Applied Research

Research initiatives include health care, education, auction design, economic forecasting, transportation finance, cyber security and pollution control. 

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The Economic Contribution of the Horse Industry in Loudoun County

Loudoun County, located in the heart of Virginia Horse Country, is widely known as a premier horse community. In the most recent comprehensive statewide horse inventory, it ranked first among Virginia localities in the number of horses. In another Virginia horse industry study, Loudoun County was found to host the largest number of horse shows and competitions in the state.