What Is the Center For Economic Policy Studies?

The Center For Economic Policy Studies is dedicated to applying economic analysis to the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. We aim to provide leaders a better understanding of our local and regional economies so that they can make more informed decisions. Our services include policy analysis, applied research, economic forecasting, regional economic studies. Contact us to see how we might assist you with your economic data and policy questions.  

Economic Data

We gather, analyze, and provide access to a wide variety of data. Using online tools we generate new data and gather existing data.

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Policy Analysis & Research

Policy analysis contributes to efficient and effective government just as good engineering contributes to better appliances and automobiles.

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Publications & Reports

Research initiatives include health care, education, auction design, economic forecasting, transportation finance, and pollution control. 

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The Effects of "Non-binding" Price Floors

Hard price floors are a standard form of agricultural price support while soft floors (auction reserve prices) are often included in cap-and-trade programs. A hard floor is a government commitment to purchase at the floor price, in unlimited amounts, whatever commodity is offered for sale, whereas a soft floor can be regarded as a commitment to buy at that price up to the limited amount of commodity the government auctions each period.

Clarke County, Virginia: Cost of Community Services Study

This study examines the cost of community services for land-use categories in Clarke County, Virginia for Fiscal Year 2017. Clarke County is a predominantly rural county on the western edge of the rapidly growing Washington–Arlington–Alexandria, DC–VA–MD–WV metropolitan statistical area, which saw its population grow 14.7 percent from 2000 to 2017 and is projected to grow an additional 10.0 percent by 2040.