Intercity Passenger Rail in Virginia: What’s on Track for the Future?

The American public is ready for a passenger rail renaissance. Virginia, among the states proving that point with enthusiastic ridership, has the potential to create an outstanding intercity rail network reaching most of its citizens. That is the hopeful conclusion of a longtime rail analyst-advocate and former government official, Meredith Richards.

The Evolution of Virginia Public School Finance: From the Beginnings to Today’s Difficulties

Richard Salmon, an authority on public school finance and a longtime professor at Virginia Tech, provides a detailed account of the history and current status of financing Virginia's public school system.  The system, a vast and complex arrangement, is the most significant cost to local governments and one of the largest costs to state government.  Meeting K-12 education needs has become even more difficult as the state and nation continu

Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions

Auctions are increasingly being used to allocate emissions allowances (“permits”) for cap and trade and common-pool resource management programs. These auctions create thick markets that can provide important information about changes in current market conditions. This paper reports a laboratory experiment in which half of the bidders experienced unannounced increases in their willingness to pay for permits.

So You Want to Create a Job ...

Bill Shobe's presentation to the April 29th Richmond Association for Business Economics Jobs Summit outlines some of the economic fundamentals that determine what power the governor has to create jobs.  Not surprisingly, it's rarely as simple as the job creation press releases make out.