This study evaluates the interment needs of Virginia's veterans and assesses progress made since a report, Meeting the Memorial Needs of Virginia Veterans: An Analysis of Existing and Proposed Cemetery Sites, was published in 2007. It describes various changes that have occurred since that report, including changes in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs policy, Virginia Department of Veterans Services services, the geographical availability of national and state veteran cemeteries, and consumer death choices. The study examines issues pertinent to determining veteran cemetery needs such as veteran demographics, burial location preferences, and choices of interment method. Using this information along with data on the locations and capacities of cemeteries that serve veterans who reside in Virginia, the study identifies an optimal location for a new state cemetery and provides new projections of veteran interments to the year 2040, The study also investigates ways to improve the attraction of veterans cemeteries through expanded marketing and use of new technology, providing new memorial products, offering new fee structures, and undertaking additional evaluation and assessment activities.

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Terance J. Rephann