Economic Implications of an Aging Community

This presentation was made at the Region 2000 Summit on Age Wave Planning at Lynchburg College on November 20, 2009.  It highlights regional characteristics of aging in Virginia over the period 1980-2030, reviews recent economic and planning literature concerned with the regional economic and fiscal impacts of aging, and reports the results of economic simulations of state and Region 2000 aging using REMI PI+ and IMPLAN.

The Other House that Jefferson Built: The Economic Contribution of Virginia Public Higher Education

This presentation was made at the 63rd annual meeting of the Association of University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) in Austin, TX on October 18, 2009 as part of a session called “Making University Economic Impact Studies Respectable: Lessons learned since Siegfried, Sanderson and McHenry.”  It describes methodological aspects of a statewide study of the economic impact of public higher study conducted at the Weldon Cooper Center for

Study of the Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education

This study examines the effect of the public higher education sector on Virginia’s economy. The study consists of three distinct parts. The first part consists of a full accounting of the current flow of economic activity in Virginia that can be directly tied to the expenditures and activities of publicly supported institutions of higher education.

Virginia's State Budget - A Train Wreck About To Happen

While the "great recession" of 2007-09 appears to be ending in a technical sense, the worst is yet to come for Virginia's state and local governments. In the 2010-12 biennium, the state budget will experience the full force of the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, writes James J. Regimbal Jr., a leading expert on government finance policy.