Outdoor Recreation Demand for Virginia: An Analysis Using 2011 Virginia Outdoors Survey Data

This study examines the determinants of recreation participation, intensity, and venue choice in Virginia.  The study has several components. It reviews literature in economics and leisure science on recreation demand and recreation participation choices. It assesses different categories of population-based methods to project outdoor recreation needs.

Rethinking Environmental Federalism in a Warming World

Climate change policy analysis has focused almost exclusively on national policy and even on harmonizing climate policies across countries, implicitly assuming that harmonization of climate policies at the subnational level would be mandated or guaranteed. We argue that the design and implementation of climate policy in a federal union will diverge in important ways from policy design in a unitary government.

Oral Health and the Dental Care Workforce in Southwest Virginia

This study examines the health impact of a proposed dental school in
Southwest Virginia. In setting the stage for an evaluation of the dental school
impacts, this study first assesses the economic, social, and health context for
the Southwest Virginia region. It also presents a summary of research regarding
the causes of differences in oral health, demand and supply for dental care