Virginia Economic Outlook

Presentation to the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers, 58th VAAO Education Seminar in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 17, 2013.

Study of the Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education: 2013 Update

This study examines the effect of the public higher education sector on Virginia's economy.  It is an update of a study conducted four years ago.  The study is based on new information made available since the last study and contains some methodological refinements and utilizes new Virginia-specific data sources to further improve the accuracy of the results.  The study provides a full accounting of the current flow of economic activity i

The Economic Impacts of Agriculture and Forestry in Virginia, Revised 2012

This study describes the contribution of the agriculture and forestry
industries to Virginia's economy.  It makes use of input-output
analysis to identify agriculture and forestry backward and forward
linkages to other industries and institutions.  It also provides
separate estimates of agriculture and forest impacts, impacts by
industry groupings arranged by level of dependency on raw materials

Growing Agribusiness: The Contribution And Development Potential Of Agriculture And Forest Industry In The Danville Metropolitan AreaTerance

This study examines trends in the Danville metropolitan area economy with particular attention to the changing size and composition of the agribusiness sector. Agribusiness is defined here as farms, nurseries and timber tracts and any business that harvests, processes, manufactures, generates power from, or warehouses and distributes products with a strong agriculture or forest raw material or product input component.