Study of the Growing Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education

This study, which is the third since 2009, examines the effect of the public higher education sector on Virginia’s economy. It provides a full accounting of the current flow of economic activity in Virginia that can be directly tied to the spending, educational activities, and research commercialization of publicly supported institutions of higher education. 

The Economic Impact of CFA Institute on the Charlottesville Region

This study provides a description and analysis of CFA Institute economic impact on the Charlottesville Metropolitan Area, with an additional focus on its history and growth in the Charlottesville region. It describes the role of CFA Institute in the economic vitality of the region.

Price and quantity collars for stabilizing emission allowance prices

This paper uses laboratory experiments to compare the performance of a quantity collar like the one under consideration by the EC with the types of price floors and caps that have been implemented in US regional cap-and-trade programs. We assess how the different policy instruments affect production, net social surplus, and the variation of market price from optimal levels. The attached pdf is a working paper from 2015.

Virginia Local Tax Rates 2015

The only comprehensive view of local taxation in Virginia is prepared by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. It is an indispensable resource for anyone involved with local governments in Virginia, either as a taxpayer, elected official, administrator, business leader or researcher.

Botetourt County Agriculture Development Strategic Plan

Botetourt County, Virginia is a predominantly rural county in the Roanoke, Virginia metropolitan area that has evolved into a bedroom community for the nearby cities of Roanoke and Salem.  This study examines characteristics and trends for the Botetourt County economy with special attention to the farm sector.