Carilion Clinic's Economic Contribution to the State and Service Region

This study evaluates the economic contribution that Carilion Clinic makes to the state, its service region and individual service areas where it operates. The study has two components. The first part examines the economic contribution that results from clinic-related spending using IMPLAN input-output models. This contribution includes the economic activity stimulated by clinic payroll and procurement of supplies and services.

Survey of Virginia Economic Development Incentives

This report describes the results of an economic development incentives survey undertaken as part of a major Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) funded project to evaluate the economic impacts of economic development incentive programs offered by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Local Tax Rates 2017

The 375-page book features tax information for all 38 Virginia cities, all 95 counties and for 134 of the state’s 192 incorporated towns. The soft-cover book was compiled by Stephen C. Kulp, research specialist with Weldon Cooper’s Center for Economic and Policy Studies.