Paul Franklin

Photo of Paul Franklin
IPP/Wallerstein Intern for CEPS

Paul Franklin is a IPP/Wallerstein Intern for CEPS. This fall, Paul will begin his fourth year in Applied Statistics and Econometrics. Two summers ago he volunteered for the Ralph Northam campaign; he has also interned in the Office of the Governor.

As a CEPS intern, Paul forecasts Virginia’s electricity demand with Bill Shobe. They are expecting new data centers to increase electricity demand, so they will propose sustainable ways to meet the demand. 

Originally from Ashland, Virginia, Paul discovered UVA Career Center's Internship Placement Program as he explored different career options in statistics. He thought that an IPP internship with CEPS would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about statistics and prepare for his future classes and professional opportunities. He was also drawn to CEPS by the many experts there and their strong expertise in public policy and government, which he is highly interested in.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys hunting on his grandparent's farm, where he spent a lot of time growing up. He also loves public speaking. He used to do debate in high school and, during his first and second years at UVA, he was a part of Class Council.

What does public service mean to you?

Public service means looking for the area of greatest need and filling it with our skills. It also centers on prevention. We should get to know people and their circumstances in order to help them before problems arise. We should consistently identify opportunities to help and improve our communities.