The Economic Impact of Agriculture and Forestry on the Commonwealth of Virginia

This study describes the contribution of the agriculture and forestry industries to Virginia’s
economy. The study relies on both published and unpublished data as well as literature that
address trends in the agriculture and forestry industries. It makes use of input-output analysis
to identify agriculture and forestry backward and forward linkages to other industries and institutions.

The Importance of Agriculture and Forestry to Virginia’s Economy

This News Letter article by Terrance Rephann, an economist with UVA's Cooper Center, summarizes the results of a comprehensive study he recently completed under contract for the Office of the Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry. The new study, which uses regional input-output analysis, shows that the economic impacts of agriculture and forestry are far larger than commodity sales alone.

Problems with the Proposed Homestead Constitutional Amendment

Knapp, a public finance expert with UVA's Cooper Center warns that Virginia's proposed "homestead" constitutional amendment, currently being considered in the General Assembly, will pose problems for local communities if it ultimately becomes part of the state constitution. The legislation would allow localities the option to exempt up to 20 percent of a home's value from real estate taxes.

Meeting the Memorial Needs of Virginia Veterans: An Analysis of Existing and Proposed Cemetery Sites

This report evaluates the burial needs of Virginia\'s veterans. It describes the locations and capacities of cemeteries that serve veterans who reside in Virginia, evaluates the need for additional burial capacity, identifies an optimal location for a new state cemetery, and examines the issues to consider in procuring additional property for cemetery expansion.

The Economic Impact of the University of Virginia: How a Major Research University Affects the Local and State

The University of Virginia, by providing world-class educational opportunities to citizens of the state, has played an important role in the lives of Virginians since its founding in 1819.  The University enhances economic opportunity and provides a steady stream of citizens prepared to assume positions of leadership in business and in public service.  In carrying out its core missions of education, research, and service, U.Va.