This study examines trends in the Danville metropolitan area economy with particular attention to the changing size and composition of the agribusiness sector. Agribusiness is defined here as farms, nurseries and timber tracts and any business that harvests, processes, manufactures, generates power from, or warehouses and distributes products with a strong agriculture or forest raw material or product input component. It measures the economic and government tax revenue footprint of the agribusiness industry using input-output analysis to illustrate its linkages with and continuing importance to the economy of the region. It also describes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to agribusiness in the region with information elicited from three focus groups drawn from the agribusiness industry and the general public and individual interviews with Pittsylvania County Agricultural Board members. This information is used to develop strategic priorities and policy recommendations to expand the size and influence of the agribusiness industry in a way that promotes the economic growth of the region and the well-being of area residents.

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Jim Ellis
Terance J. Rephann