Photo of Anthony

Anthony Artuso

Visiting Scholar

Anthony Artuso brings to UVA broad experience in industry, the public sector and academia. He was the Chief Business Officer for Synthetic Genomics. Inc. (SGI), and the manager of Merck KgAA’s protein & cellular analysis business.

His public sector accomplishments include developing a policy framework for deregulation of U.S. electric generation, directing a billion-dollar capital improvement program for the City of Boston as well as designing and implementing water pollution control programs for Lake Champlain and Boston Harbor.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Columbia University, a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and a PhD in Natural Resource Policy & Management from Cornell.

What does public service mean to you?

Public service is simply concern for others, beyond one’s small circle of family and friends, translated into action. It can take many forms, depending on one’s talents and interests and the varied opportunities that the world presents to us, but it has always seemed to me that some form of public service is an essential element of a full and fulfilling life. There is no doubt that it is essential for the functioning of any great society.