The Center for Economic and Policy Studies (CEPS) at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service provides local, state, and federal decision-makers; stakeholders; and the public with the research and tools they need to create informed policies that solve today’s complex problems. We use our expertise in economics and urban planning to conduct independent research and provide useful economic data.


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The Energy Transition Initiative

The goal of the Energy Transition Initiative is to help Virginia become carbon neutral by 2050. We launched this initiative to help policy makers and other stakeholders navigate the challenges of transitioning to a sustainable energy economy, and we help localities understand the process of adopting cleaner energy technologies. Learn more about ETI.

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Economic Development Work

The Center conducts economic development work at the local and state level in Virginia, providing high-impact research and sophisticated analysis of economic issues in the Commonwealth. Our analysts have the training and experience to assist with data collection and analysis and to design studies that guide local or regional policies.  Learn more.

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Economic Data

Answering important questions requires good, reliable data. To meet this need, we assemble informative economic data that are not readily available elsewhere and make them easily accessible to the public. Our goal in providing this data is to promote data transparency and encourage economic research. Access the data.

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Workforce Research

Through its work with the Virginia Department of Education, CEPS brings labor market and workforce data together with policy analysis to support career and technical education in Virginia. The Center produces long-term occupational projections, engages in workplace readiness skills research, and supports the expansion of educational and occupational opportunities for CTE students across genders.



Collaboration with policymakers

Our team is dedicated to working together with public officials to estimate the impacts – intentional or unforeseen – of policies in Virginia and around the world. By collaborating directly with policymakers, we are able to efficiently and effectively address the complex problems facing society today. 

Independent Research

To help policymakers prepare for the future, we conduct independent, unbiased research that is not only reactive, addressing issues that have already surfaced, but also proactive, anticipating potential problems and developing solutions before these challenges arise. By asking the right questions and engaging in evidence-based research that seeks to provide reliable answers to these questions, we strive to ensure that policymakers are always ready for whatever the future may hold. 

Contact Us

Our expert staff of economists and energy researchers have worked with a range of organizations, under contract, to meet their project goals. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next project.