Current Projects

Creating more robust emission markets

In an effort to increase the use of and improve emission markets, our team, along with other UVA researchers, have designed and tested new mechanisms that reduce price volatility and incorporate emission allowance auctions.

Evaluating economic incentives in Virginia

Under contract with the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission, our research team is evaluating economic incentives in Virginia. This year small business incentives, including work force training programs, were evaluated.

Improving the management of electricity supply in India

Helping to address the problem of inconsistent electricity supply in India, we have developed curriculum and conducted workshops on how to use microeconomic principles to increase regularity of supply while lowering costs.

Siting wind and solar power in Virginia

We are partnering with the Energy Foundation and localities to develop best practices for the siting of solar and wind generation facilities in Virginia.

Tracking state priorities to budget impact

Our research team is developing a revised state budget website that identifies targeted outcomes and links spending to present and future impact on the state budget.

Studying methods to reduce emissions in Virginia

Our team, along with other researchers at UVA, are building models to illustrate the impact of aggressive carbon sequestration on Virginia localities and the Chesapeake Bay.

Understanding locality use of highway funds

Our research team conducts an annual survey of localities to help document the sources and uses of road, street and highway maintenance funds provided by VDOT.

Estimating the need for veteran cemeteries

We are partnering with the Department of Veteran Affairs to estimate needed cemetery capacity by combining their projection data with demographic information.

Forecasting Electricity Demand for Virginia

Our research team is integrating population and economic trends with in-depth knowledge of the industry to help Virginia power providers and policy makers anticipate and meet needs.

Virginia Local Tax Rates

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia is pleased to announce that the publication “Virginia Local Tax Rates: 2016,” 35th Annual Edition, is in print and is available through LexisNexis.

The 375-page book features tax information for all 38 Virginia cities, all 95 counties and for 137 of the state’s 192 incorporated towns. The soft-cover book was compiled by Stephen C. Kulp, research specialist with Weldon Cooper’s Center for Economic and Policy Studies.

Many Virginia localities impose different types of taxes for local services and all have differing tax rates. For example, 29 cities and two counties impose tobacco taxes and net a total of more than $70 million from such taxes, which amounts to less than 0.5 percent of all local revenue. Tax rates on cigarettes range from a high of $1.15 per pack in Alexandria to 55 cents in Charlottesville to 10 cents a pack in Petersburg.

The new Virginia Local Tax Rates, 2016 book references all the tax categories permitted in the Code of Virginia. Readers can find data on taxes for real property, merchants' capital, tangible personal property, utilities, motor vehicle licenses, business licenses, tobacco, meals, lodging and more.

The only comprehensive view of local taxation in Virginia is prepared annually by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. It is an indispensable resource for anyone involved with local governments in Virginia, either as a taxpayer, elected official, administrator, business leader, or researcher.

The printed book and eBook can be pre-ordered online at the

LexisNexis Store

Free Archive of Local Tax Rates