Economic data services

Timely and accurate economic data is the foundation on which every good economic study is built. CEPS staff gather, analyze, and provide access to a wide variety of data. We use online tools to generate new data and to gather existing data from a variety of sources. Expert quality control ensures accuracy and appropriateness of the data. We are developing tools to provide public access to the mountains of hard-to-get data generated by local and state government in Virginia.

Policy analysis

Policy analysis contributes to efficient and effective government just as good engineering contributes to better appliances and automobiles. A good policy analysis identifies and measures key policy outcomes including any unintended. Periodic evaluation of existing policies ensures their continued relevance. CEPS has expertise in a variety of policy areas including health, taxation, regional development, education, environment, housing and transportation.

Economic analysis and forecasting

CEPS provides a wide variety of economic analysis and forecasting services using the most sophisticated tools available. To enhance our ability to analyze the economic impact of projects and policies, we use both the IMPLAN and the more sophisticated REMI economic models. We perform industry studies, cost/benefit analysis, auction design and regulatory impact analysis to assist public and private decision making.

Regional studies

Many important economic policy issues arise at the local and regional levels, including issues concerning economic development, income growth, infrastructure adequacy, location analysis, workforce adequacy, financing public services, land-use planning and business recruitment. CEPS analysts have the tools, training and experience necessary to assist with the collection and analysis of data and the design of studies to guide local or regional policies.

Applied research

Center staff are engaged in a broad research program. Research initiatives include health care, education, auction design, economic forecasting, transportation finance, cyber security and pollution control. Our in-house skills and cooperative arrangements with other researchers allow us to apply the best available research designs and statistical tools. Expertise in experimental methods allow us to refine policy designs before they are implemented.