What Is the Center For Economic Policy Studies?

The Center For Economic Policy Studies is dedicated to applying economic analysis to the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. We aim to provide leaders a better understanding of our local and regional economies so that they can make more informed decisions. Our services include policy analysis, applied research, economic forecasting, regional economic studies. Contact us to see how we might assist you with your economic data and policy questions.  

Policy Analysis & Research

Policy analysis contributes to efficient and effective government just as good engineering contributes to better appliances and automobiles.

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Publications & Reports

Research initiatives include health care, education, auction design, economic forecasting, transportation finance, and pollution control. 

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Economic Data

We gather, analyze, and provide access to a wide variety of data. Using online tools we generate new data and gather existing data.

Economic data

Carilion Clinic's Economic Contribution to the State and Service Region

This study evaluates the economic contribution that Carilion Clinic makes to the state, its service region and individual service areas where it operates. The study has two components. The first part examines the economic contribution that results from clinic-related spending using IMPLAN input-output models. This contribution includes the economic activity stimulated by clinic payroll and procurement of supplies and services.